Hearing Aid Costs and the business world!

Why do hearing aids cost so much? It is a question asked by many people. There are numerous things that go into determining the price of a hearing aid. It could be the material used to develop it, the research required for the technology used in the hearing aid, the microphone and microprocessor, etc.

You could think of the price consisting of every cost required to first develop the device. I would say the research aspect would require the substantial investment. You have to first develop a device that helps you stick out from other devices. Once that is done, you can move onto actually manufacturing the device. This also adds cost to the hearing aid; the materials and electronic devices used could be cheap or expensive, this will be included in the final price of the hearing aid. And finally, the marketing and selling of the device. Now a days, if you cannot marketing your product well, no matter how great of a product you have, it most likely won’t sell. The company who develops the hearing aid will have to hire a team of marketers and sales representatives to promote and sell the product. This is a cost that the consumer has to pay as well.

We live in a business world where everything costs, in some shape or form. Companies are always looking to advance their products to the consumers but they have to go through some process to achieve it. The process requires money and time and that still may not always work out as planned. In the end, the goal of a business is to profit, but that has to come with a great product or service that people would consider. A business will invest money into a product or service and also pay for the marketing and sales help. This is what’s considered to be the cost operation of a product. I would say all of this is what helps determine the base price of a product but then more is added to gain profits for the business. I’m not saying this is bad business, but this is how the real world works. Buy/develop a product or service at a price and sell for a higher price for a gain in profit. Then rinse and repeat to keep the business going.

Hearing aid costs in my opinion are based on the business worlds drive for profit. What the point of making a hearing aid which costs somewhere around $20k? Who will buy that and why? Why choose the $20k device over another hearing aid that costs less $1k?

To sum this up, hearing aid costs are determined by the amount of money and time that is invested in research and development of the device, the materials used, the marketing and sales representatives expense and how much of a profit the business I trying to make with all the expenses included in the final hearing aids device.


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