Hearing Aid Costs, what sets the price?

Ever wonder why a hearing aid device cost varies from low to high? I’m here to give a glimpse as to why the prices vary and what are the key factors. Many would assume design and material used to manufacture the device but this isn’t quite true. When it comes down to the pricing, it comes down to two main factors, Channels and Band and Software. You will see below how Channels and Bands work together. I will also shed some light as to why Software is what essentially determines the bulk of the hearing aid costs.

Channels and Bands

These two go hand to hand. It has to do with sounds and how it sounds. There is a rule of thumb for sound clarity; the more channels, the better the sound clarity/quality. For the best optimal channels for clarity, this falls on their person. It’s all preferential. Of course the better the quality, the higher the hearing aid cost will be. Roughly speaking, a hearing aid can have between 2 through 16 channels, with 16 having a higher hearing aid costs. Channels are what you can do with the sounds and Bands are how many times a frequency spectrum has been split.

Band is used to control the volume in different frequencies and Channels break up the frequency range into separate channels. So the more bands, the more frequency you can store, thus reducing the loss of sounds. Having more channels helps fine tune the range of frequencies in each channel. This way you can cancel out sounds that way too loud without having the deal with the loss of something quiet.


This mainly determines the bulk of the hearing aid costs. The more advanced the software, the more it can do the greater the price. What do I mean by more advanced? Well some hearing aids can connect to all Bluetooth devices, television and numerous other electronic devices. What many users of hearing aids like is a sound smoothing software. What this does is balances the sound spikes so that the quality of the sound is bearable and smoother. A neat feature for wireless hearing aids are that the pairs are always in sync. If one aid is in one channel, expect the other ears hearing aid to be in the same channel. One other feature one would like is a rechargeable set over a non-rechargeable set.

You can think of Software in terms of a cellphone or computer. What sets one phone or computer apart from another? It’s typically the software the device comes with. The more advanced the software the higher the price. But, does everyone need the “best” cellphone or computer out there? This is where having some background in the device is helpful.

It’s usually better to not have someone else pick a device for you, I mean you’re the one who will be using the device. Coming in with a solid question and what you want in a hearing aid will always help the dispenser better fit your needs. What I recommend is figure out what features you want to have in a hearing aid, then contact the dispenser and ask if they can explain features of each software, why they differ and at each technology level. You then should find something that is comfortable for you. This should help minimize your hearing aid costs.

The link below has a list of devices with their price and features.

Hearing Aid Costs

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